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360 ° Ship Tours: Get A Panoramic Look

On board the multi-award-winning AMADEUS fleet, you will experience Europe from a whole new perspective! Our interactive, 360° panoramic tours take you on board.


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AMADEUS Cara| 360° Ship Tour

The 5-star-vessel AMADEUS Cara, which entered service in 2022, made once again the AMADEUS fleet one of the youngest and most modern river cruise fleets in Europe Take the tour

AMADEUS Imperial | 360° Ship Tour

This ship offers its guests an effortless combination of the vibrant energy of a river cruise day with an increasingly calm and intimate ship experience. Take the tour

AMADEUS Star | 360° Ship Tour

The AMADEUS Star joined the fleet in 2019 and offers many highlights - for example the AMADEUS Club with its spectacular wine bar at the stern. Take the Tour

AMADEUS Silver III | 360° Ship Tour

Experience the luxuries of this 5-star floating hotel, which is part of the sophisticated AMADEUS Silver line. Take the Tour

AMADEUS Queen | 360° Ship Tour

Get a panoramic look at our Queen on the European rivers - from spacious staterooms to the indoor pool. Take the Tour

AMADEUS Silver II | 360° Ship Tour

Experience many of our Silver line's popular design elements on this ship, including the glass-shielded River Terrace. Take the Tour

AMADEUS Provence | 360° Ship Tour

Take a walk trough this premium river vessel, custom built to sail France's Rhône and Saône Rivers. Take the Tour

AMADEUS Diamond | 360° Ship Tour

The ship has been a highlight of the AMADEUS fleet since it was built in 2009, and is the new jewel on the French waterways after its complete renovation in 2019. Take the Tour

AMADEUS Brilliant| 360° Ship Tour

This exclusive, 110-meter cruise ship was built to offer you premium travel comfort. Take the Tour

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