Saar & Moselle

A Treasure Trove of Dream Locales in Germany, Luxembourg, and France

From aboard your elegant  5-star vessel, travel waters that stretch across three countries and observe ancient Roman cities that have witnessed millennia of history. Enjoy a moment to appreciate the steep slopes, where grapes for coveted wines hang particularly high.

Set sail with us for unforgettable moments caught between myth, magic and modernity on a river cruise through the magically romantic river valleys of the Saar and Moselle.

While little Luxembourg steers the helm of international financial markets toward the future, the ancient walls of Trier tell the tale of a 2,000-year-old Roman history. Lose yourself in the history drenched regions around you- the medieval alleys of Cochem, humbling sight of the Vosges, or the views of the famous Great Loop of the Saar from our expansive Sun Deck.

Join us as we set sail from the Rhine along the Moselle to Saarburg and Trier to Saarlouis with its enchanting locales brimming with impressive castles and palaces, whimsical vineyards with tempting fruity and ripe delicacies, and cities that masterfully combine history and modern day for a one-of-a-kind melding of past and present.


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Saar & Moselle



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Saar & Moselle Fairytales


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Middle Ages, modernity and magical nature

Highlights along the Saar & Moselle

Romantic Saar

Inspired by its proximity to France and Luxembourg, the Saar region is best known for its wine-growing areas. The lush green of nature, the mountain backdrop of the Vosges and the deep river valleys make the Saar appear particularly romantic. Among the scenic highlights is also the famous Saar Loop near Saarburg, which you will reach on your Saar cruise.


Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the heart of Europe, bordering France and Belgium as well as Germany. Luxembourg is not only the "European" capital and international financial metropolis, but is also home to numerous sights such as the former fortification bulwarks, the Grand Ducal Palace and the Kirchberg Plateau.


The oldest city in Germany was founded by the Romans more than 2000 years ago. Apart from the most famous building, the Porta Nigra, many other monuments from the Roman era adorn the city, including the amphitheater, the Imperial Baths and the Constantine Basilica.

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