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French Rivers

No other part of Europe is blessed with as many cultural and scenic delights as France.

In the south of France the rivers Rhône and Saône take you to endless lavender fields, picturesque olive groves and romantic vineyards. Absorb the enchanting city highlights such as Lyon or Avignon that alternate with the sundrenched nature reserves of Provence and the Camargue and the beauty of the world famous wine-growing regions of Burgundy and Beaujolais, and let French “savoir vivre” work its magic on you.

The cruise along the river Seine which starts and ends in Paris, combines what is probably the most romantic city in the world with a fascinating journey into the past of the Impressionist masters. Follow the footsteps of van Gogh, Cezanne and Gauguin on this tour along the winding Seine River into Normandy (without doubt one of the most beautiful regions of France), up to Le Havre on the rugged Atlantic coast.


Enjoy this uniquely beautiful cruise along the French rivers Rhône and Saône. Experience picturesque villages, world famous wine regions such as the Côte d'Or, unforgettable stretches of land in the regions of Provence and Burgundy, and impressive views of historic cities and monuments. Food, wine, art, architecture, scenery and history - it all comes together in glorious harmony in the South...

Lyon → Lyon

8 Days

This week-long cruise aboard the AMADEUS Diamond, begins and ends in Paris — the city of light. Combine the most romantic city in the world with a fascinating journey into the past of the Impressionist masters. Follow the footsteps of Van Gogh, Cezanne and Gauguin while winding along the Seine River into the beautiful Normandy region to Le Havre on the rugged Atlantic Coast. Normandy was the...

Paris → Paris

8 Days

World-famous wine regions

Some of the most beautiful and well-known wine-growing areas in the region are to be found up river in the northern part of the River Saône. Visit, for example, the stunningly beautiful Mâcon region, known for its Mediterranean ambience and outstanding Chardonnay. You’ll be simply enchanted by the magnificent view of the surrounding vineyards and their lovely chateaux and castles! Travel a little further north, to the no less charming area around the wine towns of Pommard, Meursault, Chassagne and Puligny, and you’ll come to Beaune, the ‘wine capital’ of Burgundy, whose numerous sites are just waiting for you to come and discover – and, it goes without saying, an essential part of an excursion to the most beautiful wine region in France is also tasting a fine wine or two!

Avignon – French jewel in the south

The really beautiful city of Avignon, with its winding narrow streets and numerous palaces and churches, is to be found in Provence in the south of France. Standing imperiously right by the banks of the Rhône is the imposing Papal Palace dating from the 14th century, which was used as the residence for various popes and antipopes between 1335 and 1430. Like the rest of Avignon’s historic Old Town, the Papal Palace is today also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered to be one of the most impressive Gothic buildings in the world.

Monet’s famous garden

Monet’s extensive garden, laid out and lovingly maintained by the “Father of Impressionism” himself, served as a source of inspiration for the artist. This is where over 500 examples of his fascinating later works were created, including the famous water-lily pond and Japanese bridge.